E600 GNSS Receiver
Full-function intelligent receiver
Multi-constellation satellite tracked
Built-in radio supports more protocols
Intelligent dual batteries
Built-in 4G network module
Web UI
Tilt survey


E600 GNSS Receiver
The E600 receiver adopts a newly designed, high-precision integrated antenna that can track all current satellite constellations and signals, including GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU/GALILEO/QZSS, etc.
The new generation of Athena RTK engine effectively improves RTK initialization success rate and initialization accuracy in harsh environments, and supports long-baseline RTK solution, which is an effective guarantee for high-efficiency and high-precision RTK operations.
The E600 receiver supports aRTK continuous constellation RTK technology, in the case of traditional RTK data link interruption, using aRTK continuous constellation RTK technology to maintain RTK precision operation for a certain period of time, eliminating the dead angle of traditional RTK operation.


Multi-constellation satellite tracked

Built-in radio supports more protocols
Transmit power 1W, effective working distance is 5KM in the optimal work environment.

Intelligent dual batteries
Support up to 10 hours of work time, battery power can be read directly from the indicator light on the battery, the battery models of handheld device and host are same.

Built-in 4G network module
More stable network communication.

Web UI
Access the Web page, complete the receiver configuration, download data, firmware upgrade, view status, etc. through the mobile phone, tablet and other handheld devices.

Tilt survey
The E600 receiver integrates an electronic bubble sensor, combined with a new tilt survey algorithm and surpad software operation. No calibration is required before measurement, the accuracy of coordinate data can be easily achieved within 30° tilt angle.



Model Model   Model
  E600-N   E600-H   E600-T
Satellite Tracked Satellite Tracked Satellite Tracked
  GPS: L1CA/L1C/L2C/L2P/L5   GPS:L1CA/L1P/L1C/L2P/L2C/L5   GPS: L1 CA/L2E/L2C/L5
  BeiDou:B1/B2/B3   BeiDou:B1/B2/B3   BeiDou:B1/B2/B3
  Galileo:E1/E5/AltBOC/E5a/E5b/E6   GALILEO: E1BC/E5a/E5b   Galileo:E1/E5A/E5B/E5AltBOC/E6
   NAVIC: L5   QZSS: L1CA/L2C/L5/L1C   NAVIC: L5
  SBAS: L1/L5   SBAS: L1 CA/L5   SBAS: L1 CA/L5
Static Accuracy Static Accuracy Static Accuracy
  Horizon:2.5mm+1ppm RMS   Horizon:2.5mm+1ppm RMS   Horizon:2.5mm+1ppm RMS
  Vertical:5mm+1ppm RMS   Vertical:5mm+1ppm RMS   Vertical:5mm+1ppm RMS
RTK Accuracy RTK Accuracy RTK Accuracy
  Horizon:8mm+1ppm RMS   Horizon:8mm+1ppm RMS   Horizon:8mm+1ppm RMS
  Vertical:15mm+1ppm RMS   Vertical:15mm+1ppm RMS   Vertical:15mm+1ppm RMS
SBAS Accuracy SBAS Accuracy SBAS Accuracy
  Horizon:0.6m RMS   Horizon:0.3m RMS   Horizon:0.5m RMS
Code Differential Accuracy Code Differential Accuracy Code Differential Accuracy
  Horizon:0.4m RMS   Horizon:0.25m RMS   Horizon:0.25m RMS
Update rate Update rate Update rate
  Up to 100Hz   Up to 50Hz   Up to 50Hz

Power Supply



Battery Memory Dimension
  Dual rechargeble batteries, 7.2V/3400mAh*2   Internal 8G;Removable memory support TF card   156mm*76mm
Working time Bluetooth Weight
  Up to 10 hours   V2.1+EDR / V4.1 Dual Mode,Class2 WIFI   1.2KG with 2 batteries inside
Input   WIFI      
  9~28V DC,with over-voltage protection   802.11 b/g/n    


      GSM/GPRS/EDGE/LTE/UMTS/WCDMA Operating Temperature

Data Interface

Internal UHF   -30℃ ~+65℃
TNC     Transmit power 1W, Frequency 410-470MHz Storage Temperature
  For UHF Antenna  
Work Distance: 5km in optimal environment
  -40℃ ~+80℃
5-pin   Web UI Water/Dust Proof
  External radio and external power   To manage the status and settings   IP67
    upgrade firmware,data download Shock
  Connect to PC controller and other Electric Bubble   Survive a 2 m (6.6 ft) pole drop, 1.2 m (3.9 ft) free fall
  external device, such as Echo Sounder   Enable Vibration
Others Tilt Survey   Vibration resistant
SIM slot and TF slot
  Support Humidity
Buttons       100%, condensing
  Power button        
  4 indicators,Satellites,Datalink        
  Bluetooth,WIFI Status